Acoustic design for music spaces

Architectural acoustics not only significantly affect overall quality of sound and the way we perceive it, but also the way in which artists perform. Beautiful acoustics greatly enhances a good performance to optimize the musical force and clarity of voice and instrument.

Right from the start it is important to have good initial acoustic design planning because it saves time, money and effort. No more bad sounding rooms with standing waves, unclear low frequencies, asymmetric sound pictures, lack of linearity, harmonic and phase distortion, and most of all no more expensive corrections at later stages. Sound control for both inside and outside noises entering the premises is important; facilities must be adequately sound proofed so they can be used around the clock without disturbing your immediate neighborhood.

We work with the latest acoustic prediction and auralization software to find optimal solutions for the most complex situations. With EASE modeling software we develop the exact acoustical response and performance of future project sites. We will leverage our expertise and state-of-the-art tools throughout your building process to ensure your space has excellent acoustics. We are concerned with more than acoustics. Interior design comes with tremendous passion and importance to us. We believe the ultimate client experience demands a balanced combination of aesthetics and acoustics.

We provide detailed acoustic design, consulting and integration to fit your needs, style and budget. In a nutshell, our work covers all aspects of architectural acoustics: sound treatment, sound proofing & control, system design, ergonomics and aesthetics.