The Anandha Inn hotel is a landmark location in Pondicherry for being the first large scale modern hotel in town. After successfully operating as a hotel for many years the time came for the owners to expand onto the adjoining property with space for meeting and banquet halls. With its 3 double height ballrooms (2 with movable partitions) and its 2 meeting suits the venue can cater to almost any event, multiple events simultaneously.

The challenge of a venue hosting multiple events simultaneously, sometimes of very different nature, is that people don’t want to be disturbed by each other. Soundproofing between floors was a large part of the job, and it was important to make sure the RT60 of the space was dry enough for good speech intelligibility. EASE modeling was done to simulate each space and specify acoustical materials, without disturbing the interior design concept. DAS audio was selected for the PA setup using a wide range of their product lineup, from ceiling speakers in the corridors to an Aero 12 line array for the banquet halls.