Madras Club - once considered the “Ace of Clubs” for being the best in India- has been at its current location in Adyar, Chennai since 1963. Some years ago facilities were renovated and air-conditioning was introduced to the building. This closing-off of spaces created a build up of resonance, quickly resulting in a noisy experience.

Sound Wizard was called in to share its acoustical expertise. The catch was that any acoustical treatment would have to fit the heritage design with only minor cosmetic alterations. Sound Wizard modeled the space using EASE. Integrating acoustical simulation results and the interior design language resulted in the decision to hang absorption baffles onto the ceiling.

The ballroom started off with RT60 measured at 1.8 seconds and after the Sound Wizard designed ceiling baffle treatment, the resonance has been brought down to an acceptable 0.9 seconds. The best part is the feedback from many club members saying: “what has changed? It seems so much more quiet and better sounding, but everything looks the same.” The specified acoustical treatment blends into the space so well that people don’t even notice it. Sound Wizard can be proud that with smart thinking and accurate simulation work a simple effective solution could be found for the Madras Club.