Advent Studios


Advent Studios facility came to life in the spring of 2013. A comfortable control room with a sizeable bay window overlooking the recording area forms this neat facility in the heart of Delhi. With the determination from the client to build a quality music studio right from the onset, Advent Pro-duction came to Sound Wizard. Prime importance has been to address the acoustical design with all the necessary treatment, materials and surface angles. The main monitoring system is a 5.1 surround format by Focal. The control room's baffle wall layout has been designed for this selected monitoring from the start. The matching of all technical, visual and ergonomic elements bring out the full monitoring potential in a clean, clear and transparent working space for the engineer.

It is a dream come true for Mr. Arshad Eqbal. The studio specializes in providing innovative and optimum solutions for radio and film productions. Since its inception Advent has bagged some prestigious accounts and clients in its portfolio, which include leading advertising agencies, corporate clients, public sector undertakings, ministries, NGO’s and government Institutions.

The final result, with its neat and professional implementation, makes Advent Studio look as gorgeous as it sounds.