Nimish Chheda


A small yet powerful studio facility for sound designer and engineer Nimish Chheda. This little studio has all the right tools for movie sound work, a reception, an ADR control room with foley recording space attached, and a reference pre-mix stage. This studio produced excellent reference sound works which translated perfectly in larger facilities for the final mixing process.

The ADR 5.1 control room with foley stage hosts monitoring by Focal Pro CMS 65 for LCR, Focal 50 on the surrounds & CMS Sub. There are a selection of Neumann and Sennheiser microphones to capture sound, mixing is done though a Toft Audio ATB08 8 Channel Preamp & Mixer, Presonus ACP88 Compressor, the tried and tested AVID Protools.

At the 7.1 sound design digital pre-mix stage we have a Kyma Pacarana sound design workstation, ICON D-Control ES console delivered through monitoring by Focal Pro Twin6 BE on the LCR, Focal CMS 65 for surrounds and Mayer Sound dual subwoofers. The images is projected onto a 8 foot woven Draper screen by a Barco f12 projector.

Our heart and best wishes go-out to Nimish Chheda with great memories together. His musical journey and great personality will be remembered fondly.