Ravi Machani


This room has been put together as much for uncompressed stereo music listening as it has for home cinema. The room design was to be a casual family type of space as it is a also a central passage way leading to bedrooms, a home office and a stairway atrium. With an informal couch layout and some loose furniture for gaming sessions, the space comfortably hosts the family and friends though any high quality AV experience.

Acoustical treatment is done with extensive low-frequency bass traps at the back of the room, and on the ceiling there is a mix of mid frequency absorption and mid to high-frequency reflection though pyramid and slat diffusers. Some defused acoustical brightness delivers a more natural music listening space.

Powered active 3 way Focal Twin 6be speakers are used as the screen channels, six 2 way Focal CMS-50 speakers are used for side and rear surround, and all this is backed up with a 2 Focal CMS Sub’s for low end punch. The silver screen experience is delivered though a Panasonic projector and a woven 4 meter Draper screen. AV management by Marantz with added speaker DSP by QSC. All of this is strung together with ultra reliable Sommer cables and protected with clean power from a Furman power conditioner.