Satish & Deepti Reddy


This project covered AV requirements for the full house. We were associated with the renowned "Rajiv Saini Architects" firm in order to design two spaces (one private cinema & one entertainment lounge) for a full cinematic experience and critical music listening. The acoustical and audio system design had to follow a meticulous concept.

The private cinema room uses our flat panel audio design that not only saves space, but also solves acoustical speaker placement issues. The room is meant to keep the feel of an informal living room, with the full cinema experience taking over when a movies is projected onto a large automated drop-down projection screen. All the acoustical treatment is hidden, so the image and sound unexpectedly jumps out at you like in the best cinema theaters.

The entertainment lounge has powerful, clear and precise sound. For the audio system design and acoustics, we had to dig deep into our box of tricks to make sure that all the treatment was neatly hidden to maintain the clean lines of the interiors. A full DJ setup can be uncovered to unleash proper disco quality sound from an otherwise unsuspecting lounge space.