Lagadapati family


This nice home cinema room in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad comfortably seats 11 guests with eight formal Cineak Fortuny recliners and three low togo style casual seats at the front. The classical look follows the design language from the rest of the home in this spacious room for the family to enjoy movies together. The key feature in this room is space; and even though we used dark colors for a better movie experience, the floor area and ceiling height give the room grand feel.

A clean powerful 7.1 surround sound is delivered though Focal Professional studio loudspeakers with the visual equally matched by a Barco Projectiondesign projector beaming a full HD image onto an 11foot/3.35meter cinemascope woven screen.

This home cinema is a simple setup, with a good match between all elements to deliver a fantastic environment for movie watching.