Airport acoustics and PA system design consultancy

Airport environments require acoustical treatment to help reduce the build up of sound energy. Although the acoustical goal is straight-forward, achieving it requires special expertise due to the abundance of large spaces, long hallways, high ceilings and hard surfaces. Airport projects are large-scale systems that involve complex PA functions. Loudspeakers must be powerful and directional so that the sound can reach all audiences. Sound Wizard has the experience and understanding to overcome such challenges. Using the latest simulation and prediction EASE modeling software, we can accurately plan acoustical results from the planning stage.

Our acoustical treatment designs merge with interior design concepts while maximizing control over ambient noise levels. We provide audio system designs for high quality public announcements and background music (BGM) requirements. We design dedicated systems that let users control each individual area. Good quality ambient music and clean, clear announcements help create a relaxing traveler experience.