Banquet and ballroom acoustic AV design consultancy

Banquets and ballrooms facilities should be soothing, hospitable environments, and this requires expert acoustic planning. To control excessive reverberation, these rooms must be treated with adequate acoustical materials. Acoustical design should also maximize voice clarity to create a comfortable meeting environment for long hours of discussion. A good venue should provide every listener equal, clean sound throughout the room. Acoustics is the unseen key to making a successful facility for guests to enjoy themselves whatever the event taking place in the venue.

Seamless integration of a properly designed AV system will provide a banquet facility with superior sound that is reliable and easy to use. A well designed system will allow total venue flexibility for various events. Designing a state-of-the-art venue requires careful consideration of all parameters and must include the integration of projection and sound within the interior design concept. At Sound Wizard, we are professionals with a passion for design integration, acoustics and aesthetics. We’ll make sure your venue stands out as a class apart.