Club and disco acoustical and AV design solutions

In clubs and discos partygoers want a powerful force as a backbone for well-orchestrated rhythms of luster and energy. “Disco” conjures visions of punchy music played at high levels, and we know you don’t want to disappoint your guests. Our designs merge high quality, tight sound with the ethereal highs, transparent mids and chest-pounding lows that guests love to experience. Our revolutionary concept of psychosomatic subs splits the bass content into frequency bands that are directed to different parts of the body. Tonal content is targeted to the head, thumping bass is aimed to the chest and the ultra low tremors surround the body for a bone-shaking experience. Our concept can be extended or simplified depending on your budget and intended audience.

With our expertise in architectural acoustics, lighting and A/V systems, your venue will not only look the way you want it to, but sound exactly how it should.