Acoustical design for professional music spaces

Acoustic design for professional music spaces requires a highly professional approach. At Sound Wizard, we strive to provide clients with an expert and efficient service, ensuring a structured and timely development of a superior quality. We have extensive knowledge of architectural acoustics, system performance and interior designs. Our experience has taught us that no two projects pose the same challenges, nor do they have identical needs. We are committed to providing completely customized design solutions, the highest level of service and the latest in cutting edge AV technology.

We provide solutions for a variety of music spaces, from natural amplification for drama and theatre, to PA sound systems for music, film and conferences. A good listening environment enhances a performer's freedom of expression and intimacy; a space with fantastic sound proudly attracts artists to enjoy the wealth of wonderful acoustical design. We optimize music spaces for both performers and their audiences. Our input drastically improves the quality of sound, providing the listener with a smooth, outstanding experience.

We have the skills and knowledge to transform any space, so the acoustical quality is ultimately determined only by the will of the client. Many years of hands-on experience, combined with 3D technological advancements, give us the ability to predict any room's acoustical response. Simulations tools like EASE are cost-effective software packages for acoustical mapping and help understand sound through auralization of a space before it is built. Early planning and the integration of a carefully customized AV system design yield a music space everyone will enjoy for years ahead.