Auditorium acoustic design

Acoustics play an increasing role in the success of a project. As such, there is undoubtedly a growing awareness and need for properly designed and acoustically treated auditoriums.

To achieve ideal auditorium acoustics, one must first understand the intended use of the room, then carefully study and analyze direct and reflected sound for both voice and music. Music is best appreciated with a warm or rich reverberation; speech is clearer in a room with less reverberation. These competing characteristics pose a challenge to the designer, which is why it is critical to work with acoustic experts. At Sound Wizard, we design accurately to achieve a distinctive result.

In many cases, facilities are intended to be multipurpose and must cater for a variety of uses including concerts, theater, dance, films, lectures, conferences and so on. Early planning, careful acoustical study design, treatment and flexibility are all required to make multipurpose venues retain superior sound no matter the activity. This means a new auditorium must focus on acoustical considerations in the early planning stages. Even the room shape is essential to discuss with acoustical engineers, as the shape will determine the venue's unique sound signature. We at Sound Wizard work alongside our clients to achieve a design that yields excellent sound results.