Theater and concert venue acoustic design

Theaters and concert venues are unique spaces designed specifically for performing art use. Acoustical quality is ultimately determined by the will of the client. Many years of hands-on experience together with recent simulation technologies have given us the ability to accurately predict a room’s acoustical response. Theaters should enhance a performance by creating and encouraging a connection between performers and the audience. This connection requires expert planning, including proper positioning of the stage compared to the audience. When designed correctly, the relationship between performers and the audience is nurtured into a clear and natural amplification. A good sounding environment will enhance a performer’s freedom of expression and intimacy with the audience.

In all modern venues sound reinforcement is planned into the design to offer more flexibility to the facility. Early acoustic planning together with choosing the right sound and projection system is an integrated process that will achieve successful results. The process of AV systems design should coincide with room acoustics and interior design at the onset of a project. An outstanding venue will proudly attract artists and spectators alike to enjoy the virtues of a great spectacle.