Music studio acoustic design

Control Room. A truly superior sounding space never happens by accident. It requires careful design combined with a deep understanding of acoustical engineering to make it a success. At Sound Wizard, we leverage today's increased computing power to carry out complex ray tracing simulations. A control room should be an analytical, accurate and neutral environment that enables the sound engineer to correctly make tonal and spatial judgments; it should feature a perfectly transparent and vast monitoring area. With our thorough room design and judicial selection of monitoring equipment, you'll find yourself the control room of your dreams.

In addition to room acoustics we can design and advise on state-of-the-art control room equipment integration. Equipment will take up much area in a control room. Our objective is to design control rooms ergonomically to allow for functional use of operation with easy service access. It is absolutely unreasonable to take an untreated room, pile in equipment all set so that the knobs are in easy reach, put a pair of speakers in some convenient location, and then expect to achieve adequate monitoring. If you appreciate the true importance of high quality monitoring, then you know it's worth the investment. And if it's done well, you can squeeze every last bit of performance out of your gear.

Recording Environment. The best way to get great sounding recordings is to capture great sounds in the first place. Because sound is a phenomenon that occurs in space, you need the right space to record the right sound. It's that simple.

The recording room is an active environment. A great sounding room is the single most important factor in making a world-class recording. Serious artists cannot escape the effect a superior environment will have on them. They will instantly feel comfortable, inspired and stimulated to excel in their musical talents.

The finishing touches. It takes more than perfect working conditions to turn out a perfect job, but there is no denying that poor working conditions only add to the difficulties of producing an acceptable job. Interiors and the competence and professionalism of the studio team are just as important to the success of a studio as its basic construction. We take on design jobs for all areas of a studio project as a single unit. Our scope ranges from equipment advice to greenfield turnkey design for a full studio facility.